Apple’s massive September summit, where they reveal their big new releases, is only half the fun.

We covered the main attractions from that launch event here, and Apple fans would have been excited to see that the South African release date was set for September 28.

That’s next Friday, but the good news is that we now know how much we’ll be paying for our new toys, which is the other half of the fun.

Digicape, South Africa’s largest independent Apple retailer, have announced their prices, so let’s start with the iPhones.

The iPhone XS 64GB (yes, it does have the water resistant feature to prevent poolside disaster this summer, as well as the new formulation glass to prevent screen cracking) will go for R21 899.

The iPhone XS Max, which boasts the largest screen of any iPhone to date,  will start from R23 999 for the 64GB option.

Heads up – you can pre-order from Digicape today, and they offer a range of options with regards financing.

Simply fill in your details, select which product interests you, and together with Digicape, you can figure out which preferred method of purchase suits you best.

You can even trade in your older Apple products to score a discount on your new purchase:

You do your thing.

Apple also announced a new Apple Watch Series 4, with an advert largely filmed in Cape Town.

You can see that advert here and pick out the landmarks, but let’s see what the pricing is.

Depending on the size of the face (40mm versus 44mm), you will pay R8 199 or R8 799.

The Watch also comes in a range of colour schemes.

The new technology allows the Watch to send notifications when your heart rate is too low, notifications for heart rhythm irregularities, and allows users to take an electrocardiogram (ECG).

If you’re the kind of person who likes to beat the rest out of the gates, best you get that pre-order in now, and lap up the adulation when you’re the first person at the braai to have the new iPhone and everybody wants a look.

Form an orderly queue, please.